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Deep TMS Therapy - A New Dawn

Brainsway* Deep TMS Therapy helps patients overcome a variety of brain disorders, from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's to depression and autism with a safe, effective therapy*.

Highly Advantageous TMS Therapy for Brain Disorders

Brainsway Deep TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) therapy offers many advantages for brain disorder patients. Brainsway Deep TMS therapy has been clinically proven to be highly effective for treatment of brain disorders such as Parkinson's autism, stroke rehabilitation and more, and has also been shown to be safe and well tolerated.  It does not entail systemic side effects 1-4, which are effects deriving from medication entering the bloodstream and circulating throughout the body. Furthermore, Brainsway TMS treatment integrates into the patient's daily routine, requiring only brief daily sessions for a few weeks, without indefinite or permanent medication intake. 

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A TMS Therapy with Proven Efficacy

Brainsway Deep TMS therapy was tested in over 60 clinical trials, and has received a variety of CE and ANVISA indications for treating different brain disorders. Hundreds of patients worldwide have already been treated with Brainsway Deep TMS. Additionally, in an extensive multi-center study* for treating TRD, or treatment-resistant depression, with Brainsway Deep TMS, enrolling 230 patients, Brainsway Deep TMS therapy significantly reduced depressive symptoms and generated improvement. Following this study, the FDA approved Brainsway Deep TMS therapy for the treatment of major depressive disorder in patients who did not benefit from any number of previous medication treatments.

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